Why Wilder Tuning?


No matter where you are in your turbo Subaru modification journey, I have most likely been there before!

I have 13 years experience in Subaru performance modification.

From choosing a performance intake, designing a custom fuel system, selecting a turbo to meet your power goals, or even selecting components for an engine build, I can be your guide!

A Wilder Tune takes advantage of performance parts, while maximizing driveability and longevity.

Choose Wilder Tuning for your Subaru and you won’t be disappointed.

I pride myself in attention to detail and educating my customers while I work.

I don’t do cookie cutter tunes, each one is unique to the car it’s written to. There’s more to tuning than just hitting a boost number!

I tune on both Romraider/EcuFlash (open source) and Cobb Accesstuner (requires owner to have Accessport AND Accesstuner Race software on their personal laptop).

I have a flexible schedule and often make appointments outside of the traditional 9-5 shop hours.

Shoot me a message to discuss your goals; I’m happy to answer any questions you might have!

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