Subaru Tuning:

  • Opensource Tuning: $250

    • Add on Launch Control/Flat Foot Shift (if available): $50

  • Cobb Accessport Tuning: $350

    • Discount available if you already own AccessTuner Race software

All prices include a pre-tune inspection AND boost leak test. If your car requires hands-on work, it’s $50/hour.

Dyno rental cost is not included, if applicable.

If you need services at your location, contact us to arrange a visit.

Mechanical work is done on a case-by-case basis and is limited to tasks that are required to make your car tune ready.

Ready for a Wilder Tune? Ensure your car is tune ready:

  • Fluids fresh and topped off

  • No vacuum/boost leaks

  • Boost control system installed correctly and fully functional.

  • Fuel system properly sized and fully functional

  • Tires in good shape/properly inflated

  • Brake system in good shape/fully functional